An ancient olive grove, old and new stones, a forward-thinking family – and the singular aim of protecting an extraordinary corner of unspoilt Corfu.

Cecilia Estate is a splendid combination of old-world romance meets modern design. A stone house built by artists on a 7-acre olive grove on the west coast in a haven of wilderness on Corfu Island. A sustainable project of the future with timeless character. The property is eco-friendly with self-sufficient systems, and features magical sea and mountain views towards the mystical west coast and the island of Kyriadiki, host to a small ancient church and hundreds of birds and wildlife. Feel the the stillness and magic of nature in an exceptional property on an Ionian pearl.  Come to experience this charming location for your relaxing getaway, destination wedding/event, special gathering, film and photoshoots, creative workshops, expositions, dinners and more.

Feel the reconnection with nature and the art and luxury of creation!


Cecilia Estate

Cecilia Estate

Light is the power and force of life. Let there be light! Cecilia a magnificent house where light, energy, design, style & comfort are second to none.

Cecilia Estate Weddings

Cecilia Weddings

Remember this moment, cherish this story of life, and be loved. We believe there is nothing more artistic than the love between people.


Meanwhile at Cecilia Estate